VIP Optimus 2

The boundaries of the VIP comfort are changed,

Meet our new VIP Optimus range.... Ambitious managers choose the best, because they know what's important. After all, they have an eye and a sense of endless comfort. As they are themselves, so are their relationships, stylish and sophisticated. Therefore VIP's now choose only for VIP comfort. Modern managers have the dynamic to spoil their business relations with guaranteed success. Travelling in a harmonious highly functional VIP interior while enjoying a cocktail and snack, the pleasure of the on-board entertaining and WiFi facilities, attend a presentation or doing a business phone call in a relaxed atmosphere.... and not to forget the meeting room or social area, it makes our VIP Optimus 2 so exceptionally suitable. This complete range of luxury and attentive service is the excellent formula for top quality.

That is the comfort of our VIP Optimus 2 (17 places)

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JOBS: Coachdrivers are our ambassadors! JOBS: Coachdrivers are our ambassadors!