Office on Wheels

Staf Cars's first "Office on Wheels" was launched and operates on behalf of the company EY (Diegem) every day from and to Liege! This “Office on Wheels” coach is the perfect solution for companies, business travellers, work commuters, roadshows, product introductions, recruitment, meetings and mobile training or study sessions!

A nice word from EY….

Do you change your people or change the way your people work?’ The better question is coming from EY who received today their EY branded “Office on Wheels” bus. The wifi connection on the bus makes sure that people don’t waste any time in traffic but can work in a more efficient way. People are taking the bus to go from Boutersem to Liège and back, every day except on Fridays as people work in their EY Diegem office that day. EY is building a better working world by giving these people the opportunity to save time and to have less traffic-stress.

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JOBS: Coachdrivers are our ambassadors! JOBS: Coachdrivers are our ambassadors!