Double Deck First Class

Our “Double Deck First Class Coach" has on the upper deck 36 First Class seats with a seat pitch of min. 94.5 cm. The backrest is adjustable into sleep mode and a leg shelf and footrest is attached to the seat. The lower deck has 16 First Class seats, the seat pitch and facilities are equal to the top. A very comfortable way to travel. Many passengers have travelled already "first class" and enjoyed an unforgettable trip and a pleasant stay.

The seats of all these buses were adapted by the engineers of the bus manufacturer Vanhool and will be further developed in ergonomics. The seats are wider and more comfortable. Because of the width, there are no 4 but 3 seats in a row, so a 2+1 instead of a 2+2 configuration except on the back row. The most leg room you will have in the seats behind each other. Also in the width you will experience much more freedom of movement without disturbing your fellow passenger.

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JOBS: Coachdrivers are our ambassadors! JOBS: Coachdrivers are our ambassadors!